Sunfill Dental Equipment

3D Printing Technology

Accuracy with almost No Error

What is advantage of 3D Printing Technology?

Currently in Dentistry, an impression is taken of the Patient's Teeth and then a plaster model is poured of it. This is a messy & sometimes inaccurate way of taking impressions. This has been the only way to record the Patient's Teeth outside their mouth since many decades. There are a few problems with this technique, chief among which is Accuracy and Reliability. Due to the impression being taken only once, if there is a mistake in making of the cast then the whole process has to be thrown away. These plaster models also wear down very easily leading to many faults in the final treatment of the patient. A 3D Printed model is made from the 3D scan taken of the Patients Mouth. This specialised equipment allows us to have a very accurate model. The model is made of a specialised plastic which is hard and avoids wear to a much much larger degree. This allows Us to provide Our patients with very accurately fitting treatments. Compared to plaster models (which could have error rates of upto 5-10%) 3D printed models have an error of model upto 0.025%. This is all computer controlled leading to reduced working times and reduced costs for the patient due to accuracy of treatment.

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